Kortos Leadership

Kortos Government

Kortos has a feudal government, but one that's much looser than central Anuirean domains.  The Free Marches are full of fiercely independent people who often pay only lip service to their leaders.  

The Margrave and Margravine certainly enjoy support within the March, but there are many neutral, and several dissident parties as well.

The Privy Council

Margrave (Ruler) Bensalmo Devir
Margravine (Diplomat) Irina Szaszko
Seneschal (Chamberlain)  Kellan Devir
Lawkeeper (Chancellor) Brun Vaskos
Thane (General) Macha Hettaker
Spymistress  Zorya Devir
Exchequer (Treasurer) Carinna Devir
Warden Algis Algarris
Mistress of the Circle (High Priest)  Sorcha the Younger
Magistrix Filomena Ashur


Kortos Leadership

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