Bensalmo Devir

Margrave of Kortos


Bensalmo Devir is, in many ways, his father’s son. He is charming, bold, and given to laughter. As a young man, that made him rather like Canar – a charismatic womanizer. Now, however, he is in his middle years. He loves his wife, Irina, and is happy that he has been able to bring at least some of his half-siblings together in Kortos.

Father: He has a tendency to spoil his children, and entertain them with grand stories.

Ruler: Bensalmo Devir believes in fairness. He’s sympathetic to the fact that most people got a difficult start in life and feels that the law must serve the people, and not the other way around. He is generally well loved, though he is not, perhaps, the most efficient of rulers. Still, his time as a Magistrate has given him more mature skills and outlook.



The illegitimate son of Lord Canar Devir, Bensalmo was nevertheless provided the advantages of a noble upbringing and education by his eccentric father.
An accomplished and charming duelist, Bensalmo spent time in mercenary companies, as a personal bodyguard, and as a highwayman.
Bensalmo Devir made his name, however, as an Imperial Magistrate, interpreting and enforcing the Emperor’s Law in the Seven Lions provincial district.
It was as a magistrate that Bensalmo met, and fell in love with Irina Szaszko, who would later become his wife. It was also during this time that he caught, judged, and executed the infamous murderer, Elem Sedak, the notorious Blackfinger.
Upon retiring, Bensalmo took his pension, and the boons of a grateful patron, and bought himself rulership over the Free March of Kortos.

Bensalmo Devir

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