Laile Enrien

Emotionally troubled teenaged spiritual advisor


Grave Domain

Clerics with this domain are often called Psychopomps, as they serve to maintain the boundaries between life and death, as well as ensuring souls move on to their deserved rewards. Within the community, Grave Clerics perform funerals, serve as mourners, help others deal with grief, and, in a pinch, act as morticians and undertakers. Though often viewed as odd, and associated with sorrow, they are valuable and productive members of their communities.

Domain Spells

  1. Bane, False Life
  2. Gentle Repose, Ray of Enfeeblement
  3. Revivify, Vampiric Touch
  4. Blight, Death Ward
  5. Antilife Shell, Raise Dead

Domain Abilities

Bonus Proficiency: Heavy armor
Bonus Cantrips: Chill Touch, Toll the Bell (UA)

Circle of Mortality
If you have Spare the Dying cantrip, cast as bonus action.
Any healing spell cast on a creature at 0hp delivers maximum healing (max dice value).

Channel Divinity: Path to the Grave (2nd Level)
Bonus action to touch a creature, rendering it vulnerable to the damage it takes from the next spell or attack. Only applicable the first time it takes that damage. If the creature is resistant or immune to that damage type, remove that resistance or immunity instead of making it vulnerable.

Flesh is Weak but the Spirit is Strong (6th Level)
When an ally within 30’ takes damage, you can use your reaction to give that ally your cleric level in temporary hit points. You can do this a number of times equal to your Wisdom modifier. This feature refreshes after a long rest.

Authority of the Grave (8th level)
Whenever you cast a Cleric cantrip (including the two you gained from this domain), you can add your Wisdom modifier to the damage.

Keeper of Souls (17th level)


Priestess of Life Death

Originally from Medoere, Laile was fostered to Lisveth and Anton Adoriano as part of a political agreement between an ambitious branch of the Enlien family and the Adorianos. Lisveth intended to put Laile forward as a bride to the Devir heir.

Sadly, those ambitions were thwarted when Laile’s family lost a political bid in central Anuire. The girl was left to her own devices, kept alive but abandoned – when she wasn’t being punished by an embittered Lisveth.

Trained as a priest of Life, and then turned away by her own experiences, Laile has found herself becoming a much darker sort of cleric. She has recently been taken in by Irina Devir, and has joined the colonial expedition from Kortos.


Laile Enrien

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