Balian Theoderic

Knight Commander of the Long Road


Commander of the Knightly Order of the Long Road in Kortos.
Trained Elyssa Carravone in the arts of sword and shield and conducted her vigil when she took her oaths.

Came to Kortos 35 years ago as one of the guards for a holy pilgrimage to the Nightstone. He fell in love with the wild, frontier charm of both Kortos itself and a young woman of that land. He’s lived in Kortos ever since, enjoying the birth of two sons and weathering the death of his wife (by illness). He is, among his other accomplishments, a proud grandfather.

Balian has never wavered from his training or his oaths and, two years after Bensalmo Devir took over, established the Order of the Long Road in Kortos. Since then, he has trained several knights and committed them to the Order’s mission – to protect travellers, pilgrims, and diplomatic missions.

Balian is warm-hearted and kind, but steely in moments of crisis or necessity. He has no love for violence, but does not fear it or eschew it when he feels it’s needed. He expects those he trains to shield others, but also to be the blade that cuts in their name.

Balian Theoderic

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